Put your foot down #111

Put your foot down is a weekly linky party to share your fiber arts WIP’s and finishes, and hopefully make new friends along the way.

Welcome, I invite you to stop in every Thursday and share your projects.

whats under my foot quilt linky party

I am happy to announce all projects are complete through August with only one due in Sept., so that means I should be able to add the applique border to the Tree of Life quilt. But first I need to clean up this mess…


Box from MaryMackMadeMine with Island Batik bolts finally unpacked and reloaded with the 2 projects for AccuQuilt. I’m sure I’ve mentioned it, MaryEllen is a fellow IBA who sells Island Batik fabric in her Etsy Shop. If she doesn’t have what you are looking for just ask, she will get it if it’s available, including bolts ☺.

Loki has good taste, must like the smell of Island Batik fabric because he was trying to get inside.


For me, this is messy and doesn’t include a shot of the floor where I’m standing.


Cleaned up and the first flower added to Tree of life.

Try a Tool Blog Hop with Island Batik

p island batik

Sneak peak of a border block (above) using the Tucker Trimmer 1 from Deb Tuckers Studio 180 Designs. A sampling of the blocks using the Corner Pop tool below. The whole quilt will be revealed next week. To view the blog hop schedule and enter for your chance to win one of two fabric bundles click here. Or view it on the Island Batik Blog. Hint sssh, some Ambassadors are having their own giveaway.


your shares quilt linky party
p put your foot down

Since I am going to be prepping for applique myself, DONNALEEQ shared a few of her floral applique pieces last week.

p put your foot down

You can’t share applique unless you include Sue. Gotta love Sue, she has lived a full life. Stop by Melva Loves Scraps to see the rest of the quilt.

p island batik

whats under your foot quilt linky party
put your foot down quilt linky party


  1. Your applique border is going to be beautiful! Love the flower you’ve shown anyway, happy stitching!

    • Denise

      Thanks, I hope so.

  2. Vicki in MN

    Denise, your blue flower is so pretty!

    • Denise

      Thanks Vicki, those were my two favorite blue’s in the quilt.

  3. Nancy Bekedam

    Loki is stealing the show here!!! I’m excited to see your appliquéd border!

    • Denise

      You know, I think what you name them has a big impact on their personality. Or perhaps I just know what its going to be in advance and choose the perfect name.lol

  4. Chantal L.

    Wow! The applique blue flower is awesome. Can’t wait to see more of that border. Enjoy the new tool. ;^)

    • Denise

      Thank you, it is now a quilt with many more flowers. The tool was fun and made fabric cutting more tolerable.

  5. That little blue flower appliqué is so pretty. I loved the peek at your studio while you are working. It makes me a wee bit jealous since my studio space is 4 1/2” square. 😄

    • Denise

      Oh I’ve been there and that makes for a lot more work. If it makes you feel any better the quilt frame is in my office making it about a 5′ square for working during the day.

  6. Hi Denise, isn’t it crazy how easily our studio can get messy? I drives me absolutely nuts. I’m not at all obsessed about cleanliness but I can’t stand a mess. Sometimes I don’t even want to go into the studio because I know that I’ll have to clean up before I can do anything. Of course it doesn’t help that it’s a small space, I have too much stuff and I’ve got too many projects on the go! Oh well that was my rant – I feel better now 🙂 Take care.

    • Denise

      Lol, glad I could help. Small spaces clean up the quickest. The worst for me was making room for the new dies AccuQuilt sent over, the rest was a breeze.

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