Put your foot down #117

Put your foot down is a weekly linky party to share your fiber arts WIP’s and finishes, and hopefully make new friends along the way. Welcome, I invite you to stop in every Thursday and share your projects.

Another exciting and busy week around here, I bet you have accomplished more than me though. Since last Thursday here is how my week has gone.

Thursday afternoon I won a Bernette B77 from the Sewing Machines Plus Virtual Sew Fest.

All that I have to show so far.

I worked on my October Island Batik challenge, this was a dud and I started over.

Played with some dies from 8″ Mix and Match Qube from AccuQuilt, along with their Fall Medley die.

Sewed clue 2 for Flower Patch SAL and made 2 short videos for it.

Lastly, made Loki a bed with this great Chicago Blackhawks fabric I picked up a few weeks ago from Hobby Lobby while shopping with my son.

He has really been enjoying it too instead of working. Caught him napping Monday while the telephone and emails were kicking my but at work. One of my cousins commented that he looked so sweet sleeping. Yeah, until he wakes up and acts like he’s from a litter of tasmanian devils.

He has an appt next week for his first grooming and two days later an appt for neutering.

Wish me luck. When Enzo was neutered the vet showed me the incision and it made me kinda sick. If that wasn’t bad enough, we made it about 2 miles down the road when I started feeling light headed. Good thing I pulled over to call my husband to come get us. Before disconnecting the call I passed out behind the wheel. It wasn’t the best neighborhood either but I did think ahead to lock my car doors and cranked the ac before calling for help. He’s going with me this time.

Your shares from last week

Donnaleeq is sewing charity. Check out her floral quilt too.

Ann-Marie of Stories from the Sewing Room shared her adorable sloth. Isn’t he cute?


mystery sew along quilt logo

There is still time to join the Flower Patch Sew Along. See rules and info here.

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Are you a Riley Blake fan? This is one you wont want to miss. Special promotion pricing, and giveaways. It’s sponsored by Riley Blake so most likely there will be a fabric giveaway too. I’ve been watching the Live shows on facebook every Wednesday and I have learned so much.

Not just about their dies but I learned the trick to piecing Y seams.

Put your foot down


  1. Hi Denise, that’s a really great bed for Loki. You do know that you don’t need to inspect anything the vet does 🙂 It can be between him and his vet! Good luck with all of your projects. Take care.

  2. Thanks for sharing my little sloth. Too bad you thought your attempt was a dud. It looks fine in the photo. Good luck with the neutering.?

  3. Hi Denise! How COOL that you won a sewing machine!! Loki looks so darn cute. I hope the neutering goes well for both of you. How lucky that you had the forethought to pull over when feeling whoosy while driving. Geez! That might have been an accident just waiting to happen. Take care, my friend. ~smile~ Roseanne

  4. Oh my, I hear you about the Tasmanian Devil comment. Zoey at least once or twice a day races around the house at an unbelievable speed. Flies up and down off the sofa and chairs under tables and slides on her belly up the hall. But, then later you find her upside down in her dog bed sound asleep. Right now she is outside terrorizing the hummingbirds at their feeder. They have learned to ignore her. Which only makes her bark and bark until we haul her inside.

    1. Lol, sounds about right. Loki hasn’t jumped much but I know it’s coming. Luckily he doesn’t bark much either because I am on the phone a lot with work. He is like a 2 yo tho, when I am on the phone he demands attention. He knows he can bark and does while we play which is the perfect op to train him not to bark. He does his best running outside in the grass where he can get traction. lol

  5. I hope you do well with the neutering this time around. Growing up on a farm and being a farmer’s wife for 45 years, that sort of thing is just common place around here. Congrats on winning the sewing machine, hopefully you’ll have more time to sew this week.

    1. That sort of thing did not bother me until after I had my son. I’ve done the dressing of wildlife, wounds and blood were all natural then something just clicked in my head I guess.

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