Put your foot down #128

Put your foot down is a weekly linky party to share your fiber arts WIP’s and finishes, and hopefully make new friends along the way. Welcome, I invite you to stop in every Thursday and share your projects.

The last couple of weeks I have been enjoying some slow sewing of flying geese, roughly 260 of them. Island Batik has Stash Builders that are 5″ x wof strips all rolled up neatly and packaged. They come 20 in a pack and are perfect for scrap quilters, applique or just when you need a little of a certain fabric. They are great for AccuQuilt dies too because they are already pre cut.

flying geese

Some of my geese are neutral with colored sky and some are colored with a neutral sky. All are sewn in strips and ready for a lap quilt. I placed gray solid strips on the sides but I think I will replace them with another neutral as the gray doesn’t do it for me.


I forgot to share this sugar scull cinch bag for a friend last week, also Island Batik fabric. She loved it even though my bag making skills are limited.



Loki went in for his 3rd groom, he is now 7 months old and finally getting the whole potty training thing. They say a Yorkie doesn’t really get it until they are 6 months old. The last week or 2 I’ve not had to block him in my office with me while I work. He still gets put in puppy jail in my sewing room tho. He has discovered lots of good things to play with in my trash can.

Your shares from last week

The Quiltery

Melva Loves Scraps shared this memory quilt she is making, last week. Wonder if it’s finished?

Oooh isn’t it beautiful? Absolutely beautiful quilt from Quiltpiecer.

The Quiltery

whats under your foot quilt linky party
put your foot down quilt linky party


  1. Hi Denise, I hope that you don’t mind me linking up from Instagram since I don’t have much on my post right now…but working on it! I got one of the scrappy placemats quilted but of course forgot to take a picture. Good thing my son knows how important it is to me…he’s going to unwrap his girlfriend’s gift to take pictures lol She’ll have to get used to a crazy quilter if she wants my son! Loki is cute but now I know that I really don’t want a puppy…. Good luck with your flying geese. Looking forward to seeing the finish 🙂 Have an awesome Christmas Denise!

    1. That is absolutely okay, thank you for taking the time to do that. Oh gosh, puppies are a lot of work especially terriers and I had forgotten that. My Enzo had always been a laid back dog even as a puppy, not much on fetch. Loki is starting to settle down a bit and doesn’t require as much attention. His girlfriend will be crazy not to get used to you.

  2. Loki is adorable! And thank you for featuring my Y2K from last week’s share. I am tickled pink and honored. Have a very merry Christmas!

  3. oooooo that puppy! I had a poodle puppy that carefully secretly took my pin cushion from the sewing table and I caught him taking out pins and dropping them by the cushion. Raced to the vet who confirmed he ate three! They wouldn’t do anything to see if they came out which luckily they did in a stuffed toy he also ate. Oy. I’m SO careful now with puppies and they go in a playpen or crate unless I have my eyes on them. Yours is adorable

    1. Years ago my little dog found a pin on the floor and picked it up. Fortunately it stuck in her gums and I was able to remove it before it did damage or dislodged and went down. After that I second thought straight pins and rarely use them at all and if I do I its a minimal amount that I keep careful track of. Mostly I use elmers school and the last year the little clips. Boy can he make a mess with paper.

  4. Your Loki is the cutest puppy I have ever seen. I marvel at your flying geese. So many of them!!! Gray can be tricky. I like the light grey but darker/charcoal shades can be challenging. I will add your Linky Party to my list. Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a happy new year.

    1. He is and so funny. The light gray is one of my favorites, its gorgeous for background fabric. I decided to keep it in the quilt. It’s usually the quilts I frown on during piecing that end up being my favorites. Thank you for stopping by, I look forward to seeing what you share. Merry Christmas to you all as well.

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