Put your foot down #14

What’s under my foot?

My SAS quilt is coming along, I am working on the border blocks now. Next month the tutorial will be shared on the AccuQuilt website. This is what I call a raw block, it’s untrimmed and not stitched together. Honestly there isn’t much trimming or squaring up to do. There are a couple diamond blocks I need to remake.  See the V in the top of the diamond block? I had a couple of them turn out this way. I believe this is what happens if your 1/4″ seam isn’t accurate. Sometimes when I chain piece and reach the end of a seam, the  block will will shift to the left causing a gap. It’s an easy fix.


The Island Batik “BEAT THE HEAT BLOG HOP” continues. So if you haven’t joined in the fun; seeing new fabric displayed in quilts or entered the many giveaways you can do so by clicking the logo above. It will take you to the list of blogs featuring the new releases.

Shares from last week

Quilting Gail shared her new sewing room. It is a great space that she has used wisely. If you haven’t seen it and are nosy like me go check out her video.

Storied Quilts shared her finish using fabric made from a fellow Houston Modern Quilt Guild member.

Do you have a minute you could answer the below?

Option 1 would include one copy of each template page. You would need to print the templates at home or a print shop. The price on this would be considerably less. Usually up to 30-40 pages.

Option 2 would include  all pre-printed templates and require no printing.  You purchase the pattern, take it home, cut templates from sheets and you are good to go. Due to the quantity of pages the price could  run 50% higher or whatever markup the shop wishes to add for shipping and profit. Depending on the pattern of course there could be up to 120 pages. This increases my printing cost which increases the amount lqs will pay plus shipping.

What’s under your foot?

The rules are simple. Any current crafty project is welcome, just please link back to my page (or grab the html code below) somewhere in your post.

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For the love of geese




  1. The colors are so pretty together, it seems a shame to call it ‘storm at sea’. I used paper piecing for my versions, but had the same slippage or gaps that happened every once in a while. Looking forward to seeing this top as a whole piece.

    1. The 3 colors play very well together. It could end up being my favorite quilt ever and it’s going together quickly. Chain piecing or assembly line sewing as my husband calls it, really speeds it up.

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