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Welcome to Put your foot down, I hope you’ve has a successful sewing week. After 4 days of non stop sewing due to a long Labor Day weekend, it has been hard  getting motivated  to work this week. It was a very productive sewing weekend for me to say the least. Of everything I had been working on I am now  caught up and still ahead of schedule, on everything. So I picked the commissioned quilt back up and made a lot of headway on it.  I’ll be starting on the center of the quilt very soon which will come together quickly. Until then, 24 Pascal’s triangles complete. These are part of the border blocks.

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(see disclosure)

And then there is the Storm At Sea quilt using the SAS die from AccuQuilt.   I LOVE this die. Until now Chimney Sweep aka Granny Square block had been my go to for an unexpected quick finish quilt. But this quilt was so quick to cut and piece, it looks great, and is gender neutral. I see many more tidal waves on my horizon.

One of my sisters stopped by over the weekend and cut blocks so she can duplicate my finish. I think she finished piecing the blocks Tuesday. Sixteen 9″ blocks and sixteen 12″ blocks. She will be bringing it to me for quilting and I can’t wait to share it with you all. Her taste and mine are very different. Oh and I can’t forget, my tutorial is coming later this month on the AccuQuilt blog.

The back is always my favorite to look at first.  Enzo doesn’t care which side is facing up.

fortheloveofgeese,accuquiltstormatseadie, accuquilt, timelsstreasuresfabric,

accuquiltstormatseadie, accuquilt, timelsstreasuresfabric,

accuquiltstormatseadie, accuquilt, timelsstreasuresfabric,


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Becca from Pretty Piney shared her Star Crossed Plaid quilt and a wonderful memory. I especially enjoyed reading her post.

Who doesn’t love hexies? Anyone with the patience to hand stitch is a hero to me. These wonderful (tiny) hexies are from Karen at Quilts…etc.

If that’s not enough to impress, you should go check out her hand quilting project.

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    1. Thank you, it will be one I use again in the future. There was a lot of head scratching while I was planning it.

  1. Great block, great die! Yep, I see a lot of Storm at Sea blocks in your future. Thanks for sharing on Wednesday Wait Loss.

  2. The Storm at Sea quilt is absolutely gorgeous – the design, the colors, and the quilting! I will be eager to see your sister’s version. (I’ve never seen a Storm at Sea that I didn’t like.) And yay for being caught up! Thanks for hosting!

  3. Hi Denise! I love your finish of SAS. There is just so much movement in the blocks, and the colors of the fabrics are just beyond perfect. I love your red triangles – is that the Pascal’s triangles? Those will look stunning in a border – can’t wait to see that. Also, I’m anxious to see your sister’s version of SAS. You’ve got me wondering how different her’s will look. ~smile~ Roseanne

    1. Yes the blocks is a scaled back Pascals triangle. My sisters quilt is VERY different with the exact same layout. All that glitters is gold with her. She loves flashy. Cant wait to share it with you.

    1. The feathers were a great addition to the Snails Trail blocks, I can’t think of any other design that would have been a better match.

  4. Wow that triangle is amazing! Are you doing it in FPP? I love your SAS! The colors (batiks are best!) and the wave border to top it off, fantastic! The quilting is wonderful too! I can see why you like to look at the back.

    1. The triangles are paper pieced, not EPP but I wish I had the patience for EPP. And thank you. The quilt looks better after the batting fluffed back up from being rolled on the frame. I’ll share better photos next week.

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