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Put your foot down is a weekly linky party occurring every Thursday for you to share your WIP’s, UFO’s, new finishes, or any fiber arts projects.

What’s under my foot

deb tucker studio 180 split rects, island batik
deb tucker studio 180 split rects, island bati

Meet Make a Wish designed by Kathy Engle, it will ship to shops next month. I love the dreamy blues and the splash of color the red and yellow fabrics add to the collection. Deb Tucker Studio 180 Split Rects tool makes cutting split rectangles so easy, here is a good video.

Meanwhile, I am packing, house hunting, working full time, trying to finish the quilt in time for the May 4th reveal, and freshening up the house before and after each showing. The linky party continues for you though.

What’s under your foot?

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    1. It is definitely a funny market right now. Some houses have contracts within an hour or two of them being listed.

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