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Put your foot down 205, is a weekly linky party occurring every Thursday for you to share your WIP’s, UFO’s, new finishes, or any fiber arts projects. Thank you all for linking up each week!

Whats under my foot

as usual, Loki. I was so worried about him when we moved into the rental because he seemed to never rest. All the strange noises kept him upset and in the 2 months we lived there he was treated twice for an intestinal imbalance/infection. The vet said a change in his routine (moving, being taken outside on a lead instead of a fenced yard) upset his flora.

While he is still very clingy, he is sooo relaxed and quickly settled into the new home. Before we actually moved in I brought him here several times and when we turned off onto the driveway I sang, “we’re home” and he danced on my lap. I repeated that when we came into the house. Whether that helped or not, no intestinal upset and we have been here a little over a month, I think.

paper pieced quilt, blushing garden island batik

Last week I shared my Island Batik challenge for their fall blog hop. Visit the Island Batik Blog to see all the new projects to date and the schedule for next week.

island batik ambassadors


Your shares from last week

Donnaleeq sewed up some clever fabric bowls that look like they’d be great for Halloween candy.

Snowballs in vintage fabric from Viridian’s Blog. I can’t wait to see this scrappy finish.

What’s under your foot?


    1. Thank you. There will be, at this time I am overwhelmed with to-do’s from purchasing a new home with a ton of repairs. Once I am caught up there will be more time to write the pattern.

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