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Put your foot down 206, is a weekly linky party occurring every Thursday for you to share your WIP’s, UFO’s, new finishes, or any fiber arts projects. Thank you all for linking up each week!

Whats under my foot

…the last of my AccuQuilt dies have been brought home from the storage unit and put away. Individually they are not too heavy, a box full is more than I can handle. What do you do? Leave empty boxes behind and load them in the car a couple at a time. The SUV I was given at a rental is a little lacking of space.

accuquilt dies

On Sept. 11 our volunteer firefighters climbed 2200 stairs in full gear to honor the 343 NYC firefighters who lost their lives. 424 is my son Steven, I am so proud of these young men. If you are interested or for additional photos you can view the story here.

911 tribute to NYC lost firefighters
911 tribute to NYC lost firefighters

Your shares from Put your foot down 205

Melva Loves Scraps share her 9/11 mini. Her share ties in beautifully with my son’s tribute.

Vicki of Vicki’s Crafts and Quilting shared her cute pumpkin runner.

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What’s under your foot?

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    1. Hi Andrée, I found another 2 totes of fabric this afternoon in the storage unit. One I was able to lift and the other I left for someone stronger. It’s starting to feel more like home because I also found and brought home my really vintage Griswold iron pans.

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