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Put your foot down 201, is a weekly linky party occurring every Thursday for you to share your WIP’s, UFO’s, new finishes, or any fiber arts projects. Thank you all for linking up each week!

Whats under my foot…

the move was successful even if a couple of us came out bruised. Moving out was much easier than moving into the rental, because of all the steps. I really struggled climbing up the 18 steps carrying boxes. DH fell down the steps with 2 very large boxes of fabric and end up with scrapes and a bruised ribs. Me, I have no explanation, just bruised.

There is still the matter of a 10×20 storage unit we have to address, at least there are no steps and the new house has a ramp. Unpacking is pretty much done and will be as soon as we get the dressers from the storage unit.

My sisters came Saturday to help give the place a once over so we could move in. Fortunately this house has tilt in windows but a good cleaning of everything is a slow process.

new sewing room, sewing room organization

‘Everything that was in the rental has found its way to my new sewing space. The blue bags and boxes on the left are fabric and mark where my longarm will be. A temp sewing spot has been assembled. I traded one of my Arrow cabinets for an 8’ utility table because I have been sorely lacking on table space.

new closet, sewing room organization

The little closet was just large enough to house these 4 over the fridge kitchen cabinets. The plan at the moment is to store my AccuQuilt dies in them and place my fabric in totes under the quilt frame. I cannot go up more than 4′ on the side walls because the ceiling begins to angle at that point. I can however utilize the space on top of these. That is it for now.

Your shares from last week

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island batik ambassadors

There are other great projects linked up last week and I am sorry I cannot share them all. But, you can visit last weeks linkup here to see them all.

What’s under your foot?

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  1. It takes awhile to get moved into a new space. I hope you are able to find the best arrangement in your sewing space. Happy stitching!

  2. I’m sure you’re so glad to move into your own place again, Denise!!! I can just imagine your excitement for your new studio!!!

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