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What’s under my foot? or on it

fortheloveofgeese, flyinggeesequilts

fortheloveofgeese, flyinggeesequilts

Oh yes I did. Dh thought I was joking when I said there were Vans coming with flying geese  and  For the luv of geese printed on them. Love em!

Around my sewing room, the commissioned quilt is quilted and waiting for binding. I didn’t really get a good photo of it on the frame or off so I promise to do better after binding. It’s so large that it will touch the ground if it’s hung from the gutter on my home and too wet to lay it on the hillside for a photo.

The catalog quilt will be complete as soon as the fabric I was short arrives. Would you believe I ran out of fabric on the last 4 blocks?

There is a stack of Grateful Dead tshirts waiting for me to make my first ever tshirt quilt. Other than that, I am working on a couple ideas for a quilt along. If it all comes together as I hope it will begin in January, time allowing of course. Fingers crossed.


islandbatik, fortheloveofgeese
Coming in November

The theme for the Island Batik fall blog hop is “A Piece Of…”. We are left to interpret it as we like and the finish does not have to fit the theme. When I think “a piece of” the two things that come to mind are chocolate and mosaics, not in that particular order.  I love ancient mosaics and draw a lot of inspiration from their design.  Do you realize many of our quilt blocks are designs that can be found in ancient mosaic floors, murals and baths?

Reader shares from #21

From Viridian’s blog we have this gorgeous vintage feedsack and reproduction fabric quilt.  I love vintage quilts so much so that most of what I make has a muslin background. In my opinion the unbleached muslin adds a vintage feel, or perhaps its just me.

Gene from Gene Black Creative Soul shared (teased us)  just a small area of what he is working on. I found his post interesting because I’ve never colored on fabric.  Waiting patiently here Gene to see the finish.

What’s under your foot?

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  1. OMG Denise! Those shoes are the bomb. So, so, SO cool!! They are just perfect for you and your brand. I love it! Oooh – a Grateful Dead t-shirt quilt. That should be fun. If you need a hand or whatever, I’ll be glad to help you. I’m getting a bunch of t-shirts on Thanksgiving for my great-niece. She graduates this school year, so it will be something for her to take to college with her. I’m looking forward to it! I am happy to have another finish (technically the same finish as last week, I think) so I’ll link up. Thanks for hosting it! ~smile~ Roseanne

    1. Thank you Roseanne I appreciate the offer. I’ll def remember you offered if I reach the head scratching stage.

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