Put your foot down #34

What’s under my foot?

Welcome to Put your foot down #34! Thank you all for sharing your finishes and your WIP’s for everyone to enjoy.

In case you were wondering what happen to the Burgoyne Surrounded it’s not forgotten and  still sitting on my cutting and work tables. I hope to begin cutting again soon. Hmm, I may have the start of a UFO which would allow me to participate in Quilting Gails PhD.

These baggies have been used multiple times over the years so please forgive how cruddy they look.  I use post-its on the inside of the bag for labels and reuse both until they can no longer be used.   

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Monday I shared my Island Batik January challenge finish, well okay half of it was finished. You can see that post here.

The hexi mini was originally my challenge piece and while I love the hexi flowers themselves the finish just did not sing to me.  Perhaps because I’m not particularly thrilled with the the fmq (which I am not experienced) or if it’s because there seems to be something missing from it. Either way I know I can do better. So I made  another Flash of Lightening quilt. The pattern can be downloaded from AccuQuilt GO!Quilt Online Design Tool. If you have not checked it out you really should.

February Island Batik Challenge

For the February challenge there will be a blog hop and IB will have a giveaway although it hasn’t been announced what the prizes will be.  As soon as I finished the Jan challenge work on the February challenge began. All that I can really share with you is it will be a log cabin quilt and finish at least 36″ x 36″.


Next week is the Winter Blues Blog Hob hosted by Carla at Creatin’ in the Sticks. The hop runs from Jan 20th-Jan 24th and my day to share is the 22nd.  The hop schedule is here.

January 27th is my day to share the contents of Box 1 from Island Batik, so stay tuned.

Your shares from #32

Gail from Quilting Gail shared this great bag which BTW earned a lot of likes on my  IG.  You really have to go read its story.

Deana from Daughters of Dorinda share this beautiful quilt, sewn by her, her sisters and mother.

What’s under your foot?

The rules are simple. Any current crafty project is welcome, just please link back to my page (or grab the html code below) somewhere in your post.

Visit as many links as time allows. Most of all, have fun and make new friends. Be sure to scroll all the way to the bottom for weekly linkies I participate in.


  1. P.S. Thank you so much for featuring my family round robin “Periwinkle” quilt. It was a joy to stop by and see it here!

  2. Denise, before I read your post I was admiring your beautiful organized baggies. They do not look bad at all!

    I am drooling over the quilting on your hexi flower quilt. Did you do the quilting?

    1. Yes I did. I broke my toe and cannot stand at the longarm so I did some fmq on my domestic. There’s a lot of room for improvement.

  3. I like your hexie quilt…what about adding small pebbles in all the spaces between the swirls? The heavier quilting will give a trapunto effect to the flowers and leaves. When I quilt swirls, I have to remember not to let them be in a straight line and to keep the distance between the swirl lines and the other swirls about the same, as well as making the swirls have about 3 lines in and 3 lines out. The quilting process is my favorite part of making a quilt!! Whatever you do will look good!!

    1. Thank you for the suggestion. I think I will wait until I can load it on the quilt frame before I do anything else to it. FMQ on my domestic will require a lot more practive.

  4. Hi Denise! No finishes for me this week – I have to save it for the hop next week. Ooh, all those baggies full of pretty fabrics. One almost UFO does not qualify you for Gail’s PHD. You need 12, silly girl, and you will never have that many. Which is a good thing. ~smile~ Roseanne

    1. Well technically at the moment I have 4 UFO’s. The one under my needle, the one in baggies and 2 flimsies that need quilted ?. If the Dr doesn’t release me next week they will keep piling up. ?. Oh…there is one in a tote waiting to be bound. Still not enough though.

  5. I saw a close-up of your January challenge quilt on another linkup, and really liked it and your FMQ. It looks like a different quilt in the picture here, I guess it’s the distance and the bolder quilts beside it. If it bothers you, you could applique more flowers or leaves onto it.

    1. Yes there is a close up photo in my Monday post. It’s sitting on my cutting table waiting for me to decide what to do to it. I was thinking of using the smallest hexi die to cut and add a sun. Thank you for stopping by today.

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