Put your foot down #53

What’s under my foot?

Over the long weekend I got a lot of sewing done on the red fabric I found. It’s been interesting deciding how this was going to form a quilt  considering there are 8″, 10″, 12″ and 16″ blocks. Then there’s the 20″ chain block which I am still not a fan of but it’s stitched in and I’m not taking it out regardless. Basically I started building the quilt around that block.

Before I made any more blocks though  I decided it would be best to get a  start putting the finished blocks together hoping it would give me an idea of how many additional blocks to make.

So far I have used all the dies shown below from the Mix & Match GO! Qube 8″ block. 2″ finished hst, 4″ finished square, 2″ finished square, 4″ finished hst, 4″ finished quarter square triangle and 2″x4″ rectangle. AccuQuilt does recommend you clean the dies with the handie tool included in the kit, which I have been doing prior to cutting additional fabric. AccuQuilt really deserves all the credit for this quilt. Without the GO! the red fabric would have ended up the trash. Ok, Island Batik deserves credit too. If they had not accepted me as an Ambassador I would not have the fabric cutter, so thank you to both.

Even though this is not a project for either, see disclosure.

The spacer or filler background blocks are cut with the rotary cutter as needed because there is no plan on this one.

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Your shares from #52

It really was a struggle choosing just 2 quilt to feature this week because all were so lovely.  Finally, I decided on these two because of their color similarities. But I am also including an honorable mention, look at the splash of color  Frédérique  shared in her post.

Sew Yummy shared her Diamond Brights Quilt, this isn’t the layout she decided on rather the one she linked up with. Her final layout is stunning.

From Viridian’s Blog, she shared this gorgeous jelly roll quilt called Corner Kick.

What’s under your foot?

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    1. Thank you Andree. Once I have it quilted I think I will like it better. It’s just that initial bold shock of all that negative space.

  1. So fun to get to use our Accuquilt dies for all kinds of projects. You’ll have a beautiful red and white quilt when done.

    1. Agreed. Without it this quilt wouldn’t exist because the red was definitely headed to the trash.

  2. Hi Denise! I’ve been enjoying your sneak peak tease posts on Instagram regarding this red and white project. As we’ve discussed, I am thrilled that this project has been saved from the trash – the color combination is one of my favorite. ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. Thank you for featuring my quilt and your lovely words about it! Your quilt is really starting to take shape and is looking good.

  4. I like the chain block, lots of negative space for quilting?. Your quilt reminds me of the Red and White quilt exhibit from a while (ten years?) ago, maybe you can get some more inspiration from them? I have the book, Red and White Quilts – Infinite Variety , check it out online or at Pinterest

    1. I think I seen that during one of many searches looking for blocks. Unfortunately I only have 2 red triangle sizes and 1 red square size so I’ve had to adapt. The quilt is already a pretty good size and I have 2 16″ and 1 10″ block complete and a lot of red patches left. Perhaps I’ll search the title you suggested, maybe there will be blocks there I can make work. Thank you

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