Put your foot down #55

What’s under my foot?


Secret sewing has been happening since last week. During the day I quilted on the red and white quilt  and in the evening worked on my Stitching Sunshine hop project. It was finished Sunday.

Then Monday the fabric arrived for the It’s a Garden Party Sew Along in September. Northcott is a sponsor and supplied 1 yard of our choice of fabric and I chose the top two. The bottom was something I had on hand though I cant remember what I purchased it for.


One more top quilted which leaves 1 left in the closet to quilt. That also means another one in the “need to bind” pile, maybe this weekend they’ll move on to finished.  Sometimes a little window dressing is all an ugly duckling needs.


Your shares from #54

Turid from Den syende himmel  shared her Scarecrow book page.  She is making 100 pages and of all she has shared this is my favorite, see the lace skirt?

Another juvenile quilt was shared by Food for Thought. You can see more of the quilt here.

What’s under your foot?

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  1. I love your fabric choice for your Garden Party. I am making that block in my quilt, so it is fun to see what fabrics you are using for it! I LOVED your design! I will be ordering something for mine as well.

    1. That is so cool, I cant wait to see it. I’m still playing with my block adding leaves and haven’t had a chance to look at the others. I’ve been wanting to use the Stone Henge fabric since first seeing it and it did NOT disappoint.

  2. Hi Denise! It looks like Enzo approves of your newest quilt! I love the quilting pattern you chose. It sure gives the piece plenty of movement yet it doesn’t overtake the fabrics or design. ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. Nice job on your almost finished quilt! I can’t imagine only having one quilt left to quilt. LOL. Something to strive towards.

    1. Weeeell, they are all quilted now and stacked for binding. Maybe it’s time you have a quilting marathon. Spend the whole day or days depending on how many you have quilting them and do nothing else.

  4. I’m usually a fan of bright colours but I love your finish – it looks calm and cozy! The quilting on it is just perfect adding to the richness of the look.

    Only one flimsy left to quilt! I dream of the day when I can say that. You are much more self disciplined that I am.

    1. Lol, maybe. Mostly it was because I was caught up on everything else and I had just received a large purchase of backing and batting.

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