Put your foot down #64

What’s under my foot?

Welcome to Put your foot down, I am so glad you are here. Today you will be the ones adding a splash of color because I have a lot of secret sewing happening behind the scenes.

Last week I learned one of my designs was accepted by Quilter’s World and the quilt must be in their hands Sept 11th. So I pushed everything else aside due in Sept.

The current list

7 blocks for the Log Cabin Tree of Life and prepare post and download-I got this, can have these done in a day.

Island Batik Blog Hop-halfway done.

Hello Fall Blog Hop with Creatin’ in the Sticks-brain storming.

It’s  a Garden Party Row Along with Seams to be Sew-mostly done, just really need to work on my post.

In other news

The mess that was my bedroom walls…they are painted. Last weekend we finally set out to lay the laminate floor. Steve cut 2 pieces and started snapping them together only to discover they were defective. So do we open another box and take a chance? No, no we don’t.  So he loaded all 18 boxes back in the truck, drove to Lowe’s and loaded all 18 boxes back on a cart. Apparently Lowe’s has a policy where they do not refund open boxes. Well how in the world are you to know something is defective without opening it? The tongue on the flooring was too long or the groove wasn’t cut deep enough for the tongue. It’s like trying to put a large screw into a small hole, not happening.

So they refunded me for the 17 unopened boxes and I went to choose another brand of laminate.  A dissatisfied customer letter was sent to Lowe’s Corp regarding their policy. If they wont back the products they sell then this was the last purchase I make from their store, that’s my rant for the month. The new flooring is down, yay. This weekend is my birthday and the only thing I want is to be sleeping in an actual bed in my bedroom.

Before that can happen though new baseboard has to be put down and some repairs to poor workmanship on the exterior door before we can call it complete.

new flooring

Your shares from #63

OOOOh how I wish I were there. I would never tire of this view,  Hexies included.  Just look how tiny they are, Turid must have the patience of a saint. Stop by Den syende himmel for additional views.


With everything going on in our world Christmas and 2021 is sneaking up on most of us.  Until this Santa from Chopin – A Passionate Quilter it never occurred to me that Christmas is just 4 months and 5 days away.


Quilting Gail shared a few of her Dollar Store sewing room hacks…


while Anne-Marie of Stories from the Sewing Room  is Talking Scraps.


What’s under your foot?

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  1. Your floor looks great! Happy birthday!

  2. Sorry you had flooring trouble. Sometimes corporate needs to understand why their policies don’t work for customers. Heaven forbid if you had opened them all only to find more defective boxes. Their loss! Your floor is beautiful!

    Good luck on getting everything ready for your deadline You have a lot of irons in the fire with this design, the RowAlong, and Island Batik. Go hard and fast!

    • That is exactly what I thought before I found out they don’t refund open boxes, so glad we didn’t open more. What I replaced it with was a couple hundred more but it went together beautifully. This weekend was a blessing as I was able to get all my stitching done, now I just need to finish writing the pattern and get it and the quilt sent off to Indiana.

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