Flower Patch SAL Clue 14

flower patch sew along clue 14

Can you believe it? After today we only have two blocks and a border for a complete quilt. If I were a betting person I would bet that you all know what block 15 is, am I right?

Clue 14 is a repeat block of Clue 11 so you already have what you need to complete it. You can either download it again or just print the templates and directions from download 11.

flower patch clue 11
flower patch block 13

Here is my progress minus the first two blocks in the last row in all its wrinkled glory. I’m so excited to see your finished quilts. Even if you have not linked up previously and do not qualify for a prize at the end I would still love it if you would link up your progress and especially your finish on May 13th.

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Flower Patch Clue 14

Link up for blocks 12 and 13

Today you can link up blocks 12 and 13 or a photo of all your blocks laid out like the diagram at the top of this page.

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