Site name and web address.

In the coming months I will be working to migrate to replace For the love of geese. If you are like me For the love of geese is a little more difficult to type.

They are working on the new site now. For a while you will see both logo. I hope this does not bring about any confusion. Let me know if you have any questions.

You will still reach the new site when you type in

The new logo

quiltery logo, paper pieced patterns , quilt patterns


    1. Awe thank you. You will still be able to type in the old address if you want, its just so long and if yo have big thumbs cells phones are a pain.

  1. When I start typing ‘For the L’ Google puts the rest in the browser for me and I just press return and up your site comes! I look forward to seeing your new site, happy stitching!

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