Tulip Mosaic complete and giveaway


While preparing to update this post to announce the winners of Xando giveaway, I was going through my email and discovered this:

No explanation, just simply stating my Craftsy Store will be removed on the in 10 days.  This leaves me feeling very discouraged as I do not know if a buyer complained of my work or …??? Is it just time to do cutbacks? No clue on my end. Have you received the same email? If so, how are you feeling and do you understand this?

I have work to do. First I need to remove Craftsy links from my site and find another platform to sell my patterns.  Sheesh.

Do you sell your patterns on your own site and if so, could we talk, give me insight about how this works? If not, where do you sell them?

Now for the winners


All of your comments were appreciated.  Your tips were well received. Enzo was a little confused as to what I wanted him to do.

Enzo:My mom came with a camera and I just knew it was time to take more photos on the tulip quilt. But instead she lay this boring hexie quilt down. I was determined I was not climbing on that quilt.

This is me, Enzo Looney, or is it Enzo Approved, I just dont know anymore? My dad calls me goofball so I’ve learned to come to anything.
Next mom lay the hexie quilt on the floor. I stood my ground, I was not getting my picture taken on it again, I wanted Tulips.
But then she came around the corner with a bowel and started talking about tuna, She told me we were going to the farm where I would see Sara (Sara is my favorite cousin because she has baby Ella) She then mentioned others I do not know like Cynthia, Brenda. Susan, Lynne, Marti, and Melfolk. She said what a joy it will be. But I am still stuck on tuna, I love tuna. I got so mad at her for feeding me green beans and dog food for dinner . But when she said she was giving me tuna it made it all better. Until…she lay the bowl on the floor. 
Thats me, I was so exited I dug right in looking for tuna, but the only thing in there, paper. It didn’t matter how deep I dug there was no tuna to be found.
So here i am in my huge disappointment, turning my head away.  Hmmph, paper, what do I want with paper. Why do I want to go to the farm, it scares me. All the animals are bigger than me and the roosters are mean. Joy, I dont know a single thing about the farm being a joy.
She told me I didn’t understand. We weren’t going to the farm and were not seeing Sara. Farmquilter is  a blogger and quilter along with the other names she said. There never was any Tuna, Tuna is a blogger too. She told me I had to choose 2 people out of that pile of paper to win a prize. I’m listening but I dont understand. I still want that tuna. She insisted I choose 2 names.
Nope, not happening. That is not Enzo Approved. After I thru a little temper tantrum she reminded me Santa sees when you are good and bad and he would put me on his naughty list.
So I just reminded her of the same. And that Christmas is a time of giving, spreading love and good cheer. I insisted bloggers took time away from their fur babies to help her in her new mission. How could she just give patterns to 2 of them. More important, how could she tell the other 9 they weren’t going to receive a pattern? Thats not spreading love, kindness and good cheer .   Now maybe I will get that tuna she promised me and I can get back to all my toys scattered around.

Thats my story and  I am sticking to it. She may tell a different version just don’t believe her.

So if you left a tip and your name is below, my mom will send you Xando tomorrow.











Tuna (I know she told me there was Tuna in that bowl to get me on the quilt)

Merry Christmas

Read on below for the latest happenings and the linkups I’ve joined so far this week.



I’ve decided to name this quilt Tulip Mosaic. The quilt design comes from 3 different ancient mosaic pavements that I pulled together to form one nice design. And, I am so happy with this finish. The photos below show the moment I removed it from the quilt frame. Enzo has to have his photo taken with each quilt and that cant  happen when I hang them on the house gutter. He must be very pleased with it because he did not want to get off the quilt. It is definitely Enzo approved.


tulip paper pieced quilt pattern, paper pieced flying geese patternQuilted and bound. . I had planned on taking photos from a couple locations in my yard. The way the quilt cast its own shadow hanging on the gutter I really don’t think I could improve on that. Besides, even though its cold out we still have mud from the rain the last couple

of days.












With some of my remaining fabric I made this bag to carry my suit and towel to the gym. You can find the directions here.

It’s a little larger than I like or need so I may do this again leaving one strip off.



Now for the giveaway


A few weeks back I asked you to think of tried and true longarm or fmq quilting tips. Tried and true quilting tools that you cannot live without. Your tips will be combined with an existing post.

Dec 20th I will be giving two pdf  Xando patterns.

To enter, leave a comment below listing your most useful tools and or tips that make your longarm or fmq quilting easier. Your entries will not be judged. Instead, every soul that leaves a tip or trick will be entered into a drawing. If you enter 2 tips, you get 2 entries and so on.

xando paper pieced quilt patter, x and o paper pieced quilt patternDec 20 I will pull 2 names from the bucket and announce the winners by email. If there are a large number of entries  I just may have to offer more than 2 free patterns.

Over the next 5 days you may enter as many tips/tricks as you like until midnight of Dec 19th. Drawing and announcement will occur the morning of Dec 20. Winners will be announced on this post and by email..

Good luck



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  1. I forgot to mention. I have a Craftsy account and was always going to sell patterns there but never did. I thought perhaps you’d gotten a spam email but I guess not since Karen got one too. Anyway, I sell my patterns on my SquareSpace site–the store is included in my monthly website fee. If you want to talk about SquareSpace, just shoot me an email! I’m happy to help.

  2. What a lovely quilt! I’m so excited you got it done. Thanks for sharing your finish on Wednesday Wait Loss!

  3. OH, my!! Your winner announcement story is hilarious and so precious!!! Very creative and clever and delightful!!! Thank you for sharing your wonderful pattern with everyone and bringing a smile to all. As for Craftsy, I got the same letter!!!! I’m not happy about it either. I was just starting to put patterns out there. It was a starting point and I had high hopes. I have no idea where or how I will sell my two patterns I have so far. Merry Christmas to you and Enzo, from Tu-Na!!

    1. I’m speaking with people who use Etsy. Then I’ll weigh in the woocommerce. It is after all why I switched to a self hosting site

  4. I like a longarm ruler that has the same curve on both sides. No more ruler work contortions for me.

  5. I use a self threading needle to bury my thread tails. It’s much quicker and no more squinting. Your quilt is stunning.

    1. Hmm, I didnt know there was such a thing. Looks like I am going to visit google today. Thank you for the tip, the compliment and for stopping by.

  6. For FMQ, I draw it out and practice a few times before starting on the quilt. It is easier to know what I’m doing. I doodle all the time. For piecing, I use leader/enders and when putting the top together, I like to web it so pieces don’t turn on me.

  7. In my first comment, I forgot to tell you how much I like your quilt! I liked the design before it was quilted, and now it is even better. Gorgeous! I hope you are going to enter it in a quilt show.

  8. For beginning FMQ, like myself, section off the quilt into workable squares. Use a marking pen if you want. Then, within each square, mark an X and free motion following each leg of the X, filling in the free space in each triangle as you go. It will keep you from running into a dead end. martidiy @ outlook.com

  9. If you like to prewash (I try to prewash reds if nothing else), clip an angle off each corner and the fabric won’t ravel much.

    In order to post on wordpress, I can’t use a real email address in the slot. My email is martidiy @ outlook.com

  10. The quilt is stunning! My most useful tool is my 6.5″ square ruler. It’s the one I use the most.

  11. I use Commando hooks to hang small rulers on the cabinets in my studio. This keeps them nearby but off the counter tops (which always seem to be covered with fabric – imagine that!!!)

  12. Instead of drawing lines diagonally to form HST’s, I use a piece of painter’s/embroidery tape placed in line with the center line of my throat plate, directly in line with the needle. Just line up the first corner and keep the bottom corner flush with the edge of the tape. This can save a lot of time!

  13. When making HST’s I like to cut the pieces larger than required and trim to size so that I can have a perfect sized HST! Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  14. My best tip is to relax. Get up and stretch every 1/2 hour. Consciously force your shoulders down! Have fun

  15. I love paper piecing, and I couldn’t do without my quarter-inch ruler to trim seams. That’s my favorite tool. But my tip is about the paper to use for paper piecing. You can buy the expensive stuff, or you can use old phone book pages. I don’t much care for either of those (expense/ink), so I bought a stack of packing paper from U-Haul, and boy, is it ever fantastic!

    My second hint for paper piecing is to use your sewing machine to mark the sewing lines. Just staple the pattern to a few pieces of paper (I use 8, maximum), and with no thread in your machine, ‘sew’ along the stitching and border lines. Bingo! You have 8 copies of the pattern with no mess, no laborious marking. :o) (An added benefit of making patterns this way is that it’s extremely easy to make mirror images of your blocks … just sew on the ‘wrong’ side of the pattern pieces!)

  16. Finally, I wrote a post that contained “Tu-Na’s Tried and True Easy Guide to
    Fabric and Color Selection for Quilt Blocks” which can be found here https://tunaquilts.com/2018/07/23/tu-na-quilts-fall-into-a-qal-block-six-released-today/ and covers variety is the spice of life which contains hints how to pick fabrics to add interest to your quilts. I spent a lot of time researching and writing this summer. I hope you find the posts helpful.

  17. Then I wrote a post containing Tu-Na’s Tried and True Easy Guide to
    Fabric and Color Selection for Quilt Blocks which can be found here https://tunaquilts.com/2018/07/09/tu-na-quilts-fall-into-a-qal-block-five-released-today/ and includes hints such as learning how to use the color wheel, and Tu-Na’s Three Easy Hints to Selecting Colors for a Block/Quilt (Choose a good focus fabric. Look at the selvedge edge. Buy a pre-selected bundle) and of course lots of other good tips.

  18. I am a newbie quilter, so I really don’t have any tricks or tips to share other than make sure you really want to become a regular quilter before investing in a lot of fabric and notions.

  19. When using squares to stitch Corner Triangles as in Class 4, stitch just a thread on the side of your diagonal drawn line. This allows the fabric to fold over the stitching line and should lay even with the fabric piece below

  20. When trimming Half Square Triangles or Hourglass units, place the 45 degree line of your ruler directly on top of the unit’s diagonal seam line.

  21. When you figure out the perfect layout of your quilt, take a picture of it before you start putting it together – helps you remember what goes where when all your blocks are not identical.

  22. When sewing triangles or bias-edged fabric, use small dots of glue in the seam allowance to hold the pieces together instead of pins to avoid distorting the fabric with the pins.

  23. If you like the “body” of unwashed fabric but like to pre-wash your fabric, after taking your fabric out of the washer, hang it up, spray with your favorite starch and let it dry.

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