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  • Paper Piecing tutorial pt 1
    Tutorial on how I paper piece using strips. Today I am going to speak with you about : Tool list Cutting templates from sheets and organization. Fabric Tools You will need a hot iron. Preferably no steam since paper is involved. Add-A-Quarter Ruler.  ™ If you do not have one you can use a see…
  • Paper Piecing tutorial pt 2
    Part 2 Paper Piecing Today I am sharing a video tutorial on how I measure my fabric for paper piecing and the steps I follow for piecing with them.  There are a couple things I failed to note in the video, it wasn’t a blonde moment just beginner nerves. If you are using a 40…

  • Paper Piecing Tutorial pt 3
    Welcome to Part 3 of my tutorial. Part 1 here Part 2 here Today I am sharing a video (below) on how to trim your templates once you have them pieced. But I’ll share a brief description with photos. We all have those corner patches that refuse to lay flat for trimming or when we…

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