Updated wind rose quilt

#paperpiecedquilts: #paper pieced quilt, #medallionquiltOk I admit that I don’t have a design wall, I’m a pretty simple person.   Cloths pins work pretty well until my tops are quilted and too heavy to hang that way. This summer I discovered a new way to hang them after they have been quilted, actually 2 ways. We have a 1950 Chevy truck. The only downside to this method is when the quilt is large you cant see the entire quilt.  The 2nd way is to hang them on the gutter of our house, with cloths pins of course. The lip of the gutter that turns in locks the cloths pins and quilt in place and they hang really nice, you also have natural light to photograph them.  I’m afraid of heights and the gutter method only requires a 1′ step stool so this is ideal for me. Oh yea, we live in an earth home so the gutter is only about 6′ off the ground. Previously I would lay them out on the floor inside or the back side of the roof which provided enough of an angle that it didn’t require me to stand on furniture or a ladder to take a photo from above.

Now for the quilt, it’s coming along. There will also be a flying geese border on the sides to match the top and bottom border with 8 point stars in the corners. It is coming together better then expected. Previous quilt patterns I created there was a section or two that I had to remake for one reason or another. This has not been the case while piecing this top.

I’m making it my monthly goal to get this quilt finished, including quilting and binding. This is a challenge even though the top is  almost completed.  Most times I have another quilt in mind that I am anxious to start on, which is the case this time.





  1. Love the idea of hanging quilt from the gutter to photograph but of course not all of us have the gutters so near to us! But sure works for you and that’s what counts. The quilt is going to be beautiful so all the best with the goal.

    1. Thank you very much. The top should be done before the end of the weekend. The quilting is what I struggle with. I have a hard time deciding on what to quilt where.

  2. this is a beautiful quilt! Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and good luck on your project.

  3. Seems like quilters are a creative bunch in more ways than one! Your quilt is amazing and such great progress you made this week! Almost done!!??

  4. I’ve never thought to hang the quilt from the gutters – not a bad idea! I’m always looking for good fences in the neighborhood, and tall ones are hard to come by. The quilt is beautiful BTW – thank you for sharing!

    1. Thank you. I stumbled by the gutter by accident. We had a tree fall against our home in July and wiped out part of the gutter and my fence. I was walking around trying to find something to hang a quilt on that would show the entire quilt. What the heck, the gutter was wasted anyway. Turns out gutters are pretty sturdy and no ill effects from the hanging. The cloths pins are unsightly but not as bad as the roof top as a back drop.

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