Vintage quilts

Vintage quilts are right up there in my book alongside quilt backs, I love both equally.  Several months ago I posted a block from my Burgoyne Surrounded quilt I call Vertigo. you can see the finished top here. Anyway, see the fabric behind the block?

burgoyne surrounded quilt block

Better late than never

The quilt is a hand tied quilt I discovered when cleaning out my in-laws home that I call the Scooby Doo quilt. Why? I don’t know, I guess its because the fabric reminds me of the flowers on the Mystery Machine and the colors like a cartoon. Who knows, that’s just what I think of when I see it. Its such a happy quilt and feels good against your bare skin through the summer months when the AC is blasting out  cold air. In the winter its equally comfy,  light and cozy. So soft to the touch.

Regretfully the binding has seen better days and currently it sits on my cutting table waiting for the perfect fabric to rebind. Who made it or when is a mystery to me and dh didn’t even know it existed.

It’s tied with green yarn and I am not sure what they put in the middle. It feels like half a dozen sheets, its that heavy.

vintagequilt, fortheloveofgeese

The backing is several different colors of print pieced together.

vintagequilt, fortheloveofgeese

Why is today the day?

Beth over at Cooking Up Quilts shared a quilt finish for one of her customers. Her customers mother had started piecing the quilt and never finished it. Well, hop over to Beth’s blog, best to hear the story first hand. Her post brought everything back to mind.

It’s not the only vintage quilt I have. The next is a double knit crazy quilt with fabulous stitching.  It’s much heavier fabric than what was popular back in the 70’s, almost itchy and much older than the Scooby Doo quilt.  Some of the stitching looks machine stitched and some looks hand stitched.

This came from my in-laws home as  well and if I had to guess who made it I would have to say Steve’s great grandma.  They were German settlers in the next county over from us. They were farmers, mostly peaches. He said his great aunt purchased her mom a modern stove which she kept covered with plastic because she preferred to use the wood stove for cooking. He also remembers her quilting and once told her a quilt was ugly, he changed his tune after picking himself up off the floor.

vintagequilt, fortheloveofgeese

vintagequilt, fortheloveofgeese

vintagequilt, fortheloveofgeese

vintagequilt, fortheloveofgeese

The blocks were stitched to feedsack or muslin? I cant say that I’ve ever seen feedsack

vintagequilt, fortheloveofgeese vintagequilt, fortheloveofgeese

I’ve contemplated quilting this since bringing the quilt frame home and one day I may. Just not today.

Well that’s  all I have to share with you today. Come back Wednesday for my Island Batik Ambassador box 2 reveal.

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  1. So cool to own vintage quilts. I do too, and I like you also wish I knew more about them and who made them. Thanks for sharing on Wednesday Wait Loss.

    1. I love “old”, mostly because the stories they tell in my imagination. Thank you for stopping by and for the linky party.

  2. My sister-in-law worked at a senior center where they had craft sales. She bought a doubleknit quilt and gave it to us. We did not keep it. : What really intrigued me in your photos today is the Burgoyne block. I went back to look at the entire quilt. Wow!

    1. Was the double knit quilted or hand tied? I’ve never tried tying a quilt but am considering all options for this one. Yes the Burgoyne, that was a challenge to make. Not so much the design itself but the 1/2″ finished patches. When I get a little more scrap fabric I’m going to make another but larger. Thank you for stopping by.

  3. I totally get why you call the first one the Scooby Doo quilt – that print does remind me of their van. So cute! It would be interesting to see what was used for batting for it to be so heavy. Are you going to look, or keep as is and just redo the binding? The stitches on the crazy quilt are sooo pretty! What a treasure to have! Thanks so much for sharing. 🙂

    1. I had just planned on removing the strings from the existing binding and adding a new wider binding. It really depends on my mood when I have the perfect fabric to it. I also thought about running a stitch all the way around it on the inside of the binding and cutting the old off. If I do I will surely discover when they put inside.

  4. great story I made a quilts out of double knits when I was in 4-H many decades ago. I loved those dresses. it was the 70’s I gave it to the domestic abuse shelter 2 moves ago because it took up so much space

  5. These are all fabulous! I especially love the one that is string pieced with herringbone stitches over the seams. It seems so modern, doesn’t it? Everything old becomes fresh and new again if you wait long enough.

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