Welcome to Pur your foot down #6

Welcome to  Put your foot down #6. Another week has passed and the water is finally receding here in the midwest.  The National Guard is still present and doing a stand up job even though I am certain they would prefer to  be elsewhere. Did you know when they are called to duty they are only provided one meal a day?  At least that is the case where I live. That is just asinine, even IDOC provides 3 hot meals a day to those who are incarcerated. Now I can’t say for sure if this is customary for all natural disasters but its food for thought if they are called to duty in your area. Churches and residents have answered the call to provide these men with the essentials they need, including the residents who are affected in these hard hit areas.

So… Whats under my foot? finish

My secret sewing projects are finished, shares next month. Monday I shared with you my scrappy bear and quilt. You can view that post here. This is my great niece Miss Ella, soon to be 3 getting kisses from Bear and Baby.

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I’m also very pleased to announce I have been accepted as an AccuQuilt GO! Getter. My first project for AccuQuilt will be a beach bag tutorial using one of the new dies. The first sample bag is currently under my foot today. It’s a little smaller than I had anticipated so my second sample will have to be several inches larger plus a modification on the handles.  I’ll still  finish this and I’m pretty sure it will be a must have for someone.

Are you peeking at what’s under the bag?  The peek was unintentional, it truly was. Since I have it out there now I’ll make it up to you by offering a giveaway on Put your foot down #7. So check back next week for more details.

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Now for some shares from last week

Who doesn’t love Sunbonnet Sue? I love these blocks Donnaleeq shared.

The June Island Batik Ambassador challenge theme was “Try It”, try something new. This piece by Quilting Gail looks like a hand painted panel, but its not.

What’s under your foot?

The rules are simple. Any current fiber art project is welcome, just please link back to my page (or grab the html code below) somewhere in your post.

See what others are working on.

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