Wind Rose corner blocks

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1/2 of the Wind Rose corner

So I am moving right along with my Wind Rose border. This is the triangle border  block I was talking about in my previous post, (just 1/2 of it) the other half is a mirror image of this block. I love flying geese and I love to stretch and distort them to create depth and movement, or I think it does anyway. The end result is always the same though, you still have the nice pointed corner and crisp lines, its still recognizable.

Hopefully I will have these blocks sewn onto the medallion tomorrow and can finish it up before the weekend. This is where I am so far.




    1. Thank you but actually they are really very easy with paper piecing. I was admiring your giraffe applique, that definitely takes more precision and dedication.

  1. Wow! I love flying geese too and this is gorgeous! It makes me want to get to my machine and piece some myself! Thank you for the inspiration!

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