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Welcome to  the Wish Upon a Star blog hop hosted by Carol at Just let me quilt. My first blog hop was the Virtual Cookie Exchange also  hosted by Carol.  There were so many recipes shared that I’ll never find time to make them all and quilt. If not for that blog hop I may never have stumbled across blogs that I enjoy reading. Needless to say when the  Wish Upon a Star was announced I raised my hand.

Starlight paper pieced pattern

I’m just gonna jump right in here at the beginning instead of making you wait till the end of this really long post. To celebrate this blog hop I will be giving away 3  pdf patterns of Starlight. The winners will be chosen from the comments left at the bottom of this post.  3 numbers have been picked and winners will be announced tomorrow and notified by email.

paper piecing, paper pieced, starlight quilt,
Starlight quilt with only 9 blocks

As you can see this one is Enzo approved, yes I am one of those silly pet momma’s.   For this top I used leftover 2 1/2″ jelly roll strips for the large stars.It was pieced  from strips instead of cutting each patch to size.  I really am convinced there is less waste piecing with strips.

The navy fabric was also a scrap piece too large to throw in the rag bag and still more than enough to piece the blocks.  So break out the leftovers and put them to good use. These blocks are quick and easy to piece.

The background is my favorite muslin. When I hear the word muslin I think of gauze. That’s not the case with this muslin.  I love piecing with it because of the tight weave and it blends well with any fabric including batiks. The only thing I would do differently if I make this again, I would use contrasting colors in the stars. There isn’t enough color variation in the strips to set off the individual points.

The pattern is for a 16 block  52″ x 52″ top. Quilt in photo is  9 blocks. You could make a larger or smaller top. Directions are not given for any size other than the 16 block top.

You will need basic paper piecing knowledge.

For someone considering paper piecing , visit my Pattern Page . There you will find a free pattern for a God’s Eye block.  This would be a great choice for anyone wanting to give paper piecing a try without the commitment of a full quilt. I’m definitely not saying Starlight isn’t beginner friendly since one of my testers was a beginner. It’s also one that I would have tried when I first started paper piecing.

If you are really dedicated you might try the free hexie paper pieced pattern while you’re on the pattern page. Not English paper piecing.  This is a great alternative for someone who can no longer sew by hand.  Each block takes about 3 minutes to complete and it’s a scrap buster. Oh and look at the secondary pattern, more stars.

foundation piecing, paperpiecing, paperpiece, notenglishpaperpiecedhexie, #paperpiecedhexie
Not my Nanas hexie quilt
Pattern testers needed

One more note before you proceed to the links. I’m currently looking for  1 more tester to test a paper pieced pattern. The quilt will be similar to the one shown below with a few updates and suggestions for mixing things  up including templates for 2 different baskets. The pdf file itself is small, 38 pages. There are full sized templates so no printing and taping. You will however need a printer for printing  up to 228 pages. This sounds scary I know but so many are duplicates and can quickly be cut with a ruler and rotary cutter. It makes a very nice 2 color quilt. There is NO curved piecing and no Y seams which is important to me. Leave a comment or send me a message through the contact form (link above). Could the compass could be considered a star?

red and white paper pieced quilt, paper pieced medallion quilt

Other blogs in the hop. I hope you’ll visit all of them.

Thank you Carol for hosting the blog hop.



  1. Just beautiful!!! Congrats to the winners… and thank you Denise for stopping by my blog – I tried to reply to your comment but it bounced xx

  2. I can’t think of any tips except drinking a glass of wine to relax before I do free motion quilting. It seems to work as I don’t feel like I’m fighting with the quilt and the stitching seems to flow better or maybe I just don’t care as much. Great quilt! The color reminds me of the ocean.

    1. I would say the wine loosens you up. Quilting is much like dancing. You either have it or you don’t. If you don’t a glass of wine will loosen the tense muscles and allow them to move more freely.

  3. As you always do, you’ve created a very appealing design. The colors are right up my alley, and so are the fabrics. I like muslin a lot. Actually, that’s the only fabric I normally buy at JoAnn’s. I’ve been embroidering on their 36″ wide muslin for years. It’s the only fabric I pre-wash, but when I do and press it, it is the greatest embroidery background. Thanks for sharing this wonderful design!

    1. Hmm, I’ve never used Joanns muslin. What I purchase is 118 wide. I love the feel of it and the performance while piecing cant be beat.
      thank you for visiting.

  4. What a beautiful star quilt. I love paper piecing. It makes it so much easier to get those sharp points.

  5. So very pretty and a perfect way to show off the batiks! I like to use muslin too and find it so easy to sew with. Your quilting is a great finish to this lovely piece!

  6. Your star quilt is so pretty, The colors are also wonderful in it. It looks like it has the canine stamp of approval too.

  7. This is the first time I have come across your website but will certainly be back again. I love all your stars

  8. Beautiful “star” for sure. I love paper piecing because you get nice sharp points. Nice tip on using muslin too!

  9. I hadn’t been to your site before and have now bookmarked it. Great quilts and resources. Thank you!

    1. Thank you Debby. Its still a work in progress. Good luck on the giveaway, check out my pattern page. There are free patterns to try.

    1. A girl after my own heart. They become addictive after the first hundred. I usually don’t keep scraps but after the hexi I find myself reconsidering this. Good luck on the giveaway and please share a photo of you hexi quilt.

    1. I love the green/blue combo so much after this one I have another in the works. Good luck on the giveaway.

  10. Hi Denise,
    Well any quilt that is Enzo approved is a good one in my book! How cute he looks sitting on your finished piece. I agree with you on the theory of less waste when using the strip method. I try to do that just as often as I am able to.
    Happy Friday! ~smile~ Roseanne

  11. Beautiful quilt. Thanks so much for sharing. This makes me want to jump back into the world of paperpiecing again.

    1. Thank you for visiting. Good luck on the give away. If you win you will then have an excuse to jump back in.

  12. I love your star quilt! The colors are beautiful! I can’t imagine how you pieced it with strips. Maybe you could do a small tutorial to give us a better idea. Thank you for joining the hop.

  13. Starburst stars are definitely one of my all-time favorite stars so your quilt is right up my alley. Interesting with you used strips. Have a great weekend.

    1. I use strips to paper pieced most of the time, I dislike precision cutting. Good luck on the giveaway.

  14. What a beautiful quilt! I like the colors you chose, but I can see your point (ha, ha) about each star not showing up well since they are much the same colors. I haven’t paper-pieced much for awhile, but this looks like one I would like to do. Thanks for sharing and for the give-away!

  15. Even without Enzo’s approval, your star quilt is definitely a winner! Hidden stars in hexies and a compass…wow! Yes, I’d say the compass is a star and it is gorgeous. Denise, you really shined today with these beautiful projects. Thank you so much for joining in and sharing them! :O)

  16. Well, this is just beautiful. I know perhaps you had a different look with more contrast in mind, but this version is lovely too. It will be nice to see the difference between this version and another with more contrast in the stars. A quilt’s not a quilt until it’s fur-baby approved. xx

  17. This is a very beautiful quilt. I like the cohesiveness of the colour. There is slight variation which gives interest but it is a very soothing quilt as it is. Lovely.

    1. Thank you so much. Hopefully it will be delivered to a baby boy soon. Good luck on winning the pattern.

  18. I adore the Starlight paper pieced quilt. I like the precision of paper piecing. I’d like to be considered for a pattern tester. I just got a new computer and don’t have my printer hooked up to it yet. It should be no problem. I should just have to down load the drivers for the printer. Also, I’d like to know the time frame and if the top is just a flimsy or if it has to be quilted in the timeframe? I don’t want to sound negative in any way about testing. I just want to be sure I understand all the expectations before I commit. I’d love to do it. Thanks for the wonderful star quilt inspiration and a beautiful quilt share.

    1. We can do things easily with paper that would make you scratch your head piecing by hand. You should try it. Perhaps you will win a pattern and be inspired to.

  19. What a nice mix of stars, love your quilt ! I have a real passion for stars, and always add some to my quilts !

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